Dscribe Portfolio

To The Bone: http://www.dscribe.net.au/2017/07/25/netflix-back-at-it-again-with-the-controversy/ 655 words

Meet Brodie Smith: http://www.dscribe.net.au/2017/08/22/meet-brodie-smith/ 855 words

Shit together in your 20s: http://www.dscribe.net.au/2017/08/23/why-its-totally-fine-to-not-have-your-sht-together-in-your-20s/ 640 words

Endometriosis story: http://www.dscribe.net.au/2017/09/05/the-endometriosis-diaries/ 1558 words

Netflix controls my life: http://www.dscribe.net.au/2017/09/07/netflix-has-control-of-my-life/ 480 words

Fitness bloggers:  6 min video




GAP YEAR GONE WRONG 124 words and 3:19 min video

Geelong Youth Service Slams 13 Reasons Why 720 words

I’m An Anxiety Sufferer 832 words

Entrepreneur Shares Secrets 561 words

Festival Goers Call On Revellers To Stop Tarnishing Culture 503 words

Melbourne Comedy Festival 421 words

Tash Sultana Review 488 words 20 sec vid

Hot Dub Wine Machine 582 words


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