What role is MOJO playing in the 21st century?

MOJO, or mobile journalism is a term that those in the journalism industry are hearing more and more of. MOJO has become a pivotal model of news gathering, and sharing, as the former models have started to extinguish. This means that the way news is compiled and composed is changing in order to accommodate for the 21st century way of journalism.

There are three different types of MOJO, according to Hadland:

  1. User Generated Content – raw unedited material sent by amateur eyewitnesses who happened to be there.
  2. Citizen Journalists content – who manage to get their material to major broadcasters.
  3. Professional Journalists – who tell stories with video/audio using a mobile phone, who are able to shoot, edit and upload from the spot in real time (produce on the spot piece of work that is up loadable).


It is thanks to revolutions in technology that mobile journalism has found its feet. A mobile phone is all that is needed to create user generated stories (UGS). Gone are the days where when a news story breaks you have to find a camera crew, audio specialists and reporters, now anybody with a smartphone can be all of those things in one. Hence the term, mobile journalist.

So, MOJO is now. It is what is needed in a time where technology basically rules all, it plays a very significant role in 21st century journalism



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