What’s Happening to the Old Models of Journalism?

There is absolutely no question that the older models of journalism, namely print media are slowly, but surely declining. Now, as someone who is a budding journalist, I often get asked the question ‘but doesn’t that mean journalism is dying?’ and when I tell people what I’m studying they often look at me bleakly and wonder if I’ll have a career once I finish my degree.

  However, this is where people are getting it wrong. While traditional media models may be dying, it is giving rise to new models, specifically digital media. The older models are just evolving with technology and a new digital era.

In a day and age where we can hand pick whatever news we like and have it delivered straight to our phones, tablets and laptops, it’s no wonder print media is dwindling.

There is a current trend in Australia that is seeing the average sales of newspapers, in the last year drop, by almost half a million and these numbers are only continuing to decline. The same thing is happening with UK media.

So while the old models may be going out of style, this does not mean that the journalism profession itself is dying. If anything, it just needs to keep up with new trends and follow the new digital age.

New media



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