Book Review: The Road to Becoming a Survivor

Title: The Road to Becoming a Survivor
Author: R.R. Hayden
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download (1)Synopsis: “At 25 years old, River Hayden has experienced the low’s of life that few will ever see. A casualty of her family’s circumstances, of past boyfriends, of the hand that the universe dealt her, this auto-biography is Hayden’s chance at seeing her days as a victim end. Follow her story and how she was able to overcome her past, to pick up the pieces and find the life she has always wanted.

As part of our commitment to our readers, we should note that this story does contain content regarding sexual assault, abuse, drugs, and addiction. Trigger warnings apply.”


About the author: “I’m 26 years old, female, my zodiac sign is Cancer, Chinese Zodiac is Snake… I love to read and write like just about everyone else on this website. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor. I haven’t graduated college but I’m working on that. It’s my dream to get my autobiography published which was finally accomplished September 23, 2015. I’m now working on other novels that I’m hoping to one day get published as well. I have a day job that I enjoy, but hope to not need once I start getting more of my work published. That’s my ultimate goal: make a living out of what I love to do, and that is writing.”

Review: Firstly I would like to start off by thanking River for offering me this opportunity to review her autobiography, and being brave enough to share her story so openly with the world. I have nothing but the utmost respect for her.

This was the first autobiography I’ve read,  I knew that it would have a lot of very personal information and stories, but I did not expect to read such horrific memories and experiences endured by River herself. The title of the book is perfect, she is here today, she survived and has been able to turn her traumatic experiences into this autobiography, her release, her own way of healing.

The way she writes in such a raw and uncensored way enables readers, who may have experienced the same suffering she has, to know that it can get better; you can move on, you can heal and you are not alone.

The style of writing is semi-diary entry, it can some times go a little back and forth and get slightly confusing. However, I believe that this adds to the realness of the story. A way of story telling where thoughts are laid bare on the page with raw, moving emotion, it’s a refreshing way to read, it engages the reader to really connect with River and what she was feeling in those moments.

The only thing I could say I would have hoped is a little bit more of advice on how to cope with mental illness, and the way in which she overcame the abuse to become a survivor. But, this is her road to survival, and she needs to be admired for her triumphs. The book is a reminder that you can be kicked down by life, but rise again.
Highly recommend giving this book a read!


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