How are the various ideals of journalism impacted by the business of journalism?

Ethics_Magnifier_iStock__Feature_000016707944XSmallAt the base of every good journalist is a very strong set of ideals, and these are what the professionals should build their work upon. The ideals of Journalism include ethical conduct that involve: honesty, reliability, objectivity, loyalty and most importantly truth telling. 

In order to uphold the integrity, credibility and respect of the public and one’s peers, it is essential that journalists hold on to these ideals, and constantly research, check and double check their facts so as to avoid falsifying the news they deliver.

However, thanks to the new digital age and ‘convergence journalism‘, this means the ‘Business of Journalism‘ is forever changing and it is testing the very ideals journalism is based upon.

Access to the internet, smartphones, tablets, etc. has made it very easy for anybody to produce news content without triple checking their facts or doing extra research, rather they publish any content as soon as it is available to them and any ideals are thrown right out the window. This can lead to defamation, factual discrepancy and in some cases, anything but the truth.i-d1f7bab4d9839a8f4045fab95ae956c2-ethicsboardSo it’s quite easy to see that, through convergence, the changing business of journalism has impacted the ideals that we, as aspiring journalists, need to build our work upon.



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