How does convergence impact journalism?

Convergence has impacted journalism in a massive way, and that’s not to say that it’s done so in a bad way, but rather it has enhanced the way audiences have access to news stories on a variety of different platforms.

Convergence has allowed journalists to work together to create news stories for television, online, radio and print publications. 

It has been shaped by the integration of the media through the rapid changes of technology. The culture of convergence journalism precedes and outdates the technology we now have access too, however technology has amplified the culture of convergence and helped it to become more widespread across so many different platforms.

School Video News: Convergence Journalism

Without convergence, journalism would still be limited to the same publications and organisations that gather the news, however with ‘tactical convergence’ (Pavlik & McIntosh, 2014), news organisations are able share their content between one another to reach a wider audience. 

On the end of the spectrum, with every Tom, Dick and Harry having access to a smartphone, this has allowed the average Joe to create a news story online and share it with the public, helping to thrust journalists into a financial panic with job cuts on the rise.

Evolution of Communication

However, this doesn’t mean that journalism is in trouble, it just means that the industry needs to take control and use convergence to it’s advantage so that news can still circulate in all forms possible.


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