How common or widespread is the use of multi-platform journalism in the media?

It’s safe to say that journalism is changing at an increasingly rapid rate in order to keep up with the ever changing world that is technology.

So from this it’s quite easy to conclude that the use of multi-platform journalism is extremely common or widespread. Most media productions of today’s age would not survive if they did not keep up to date with the new digital age that has been thrust upon us.

Multi-platform journalism involves incorporating images, texts, video, audio, online content and much more. This is what is more commonly known as “convergence culture”.

Convergence journalism as well as the rapid growth of technology and the internet has certain people wondering whether journalism is heading in a more digital direction and leaving the older methods of news gatherings, such as newspapers, behind.

However, I believe that with the use of the regular forms of journalism, plus multi-platform journalism, that our beloved profession is only going to continue to grow and become stronger and more widespread than before.

Modern technology is now allowing us to get news stories to audiences at an incredibly fast past, and more frequently than every before.


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