Book Review

The book I’ve been reading all semester is called Social Media: How to engage, share, and connect, written by Regina Luttrell. The book really is quite a good read, I didn’t expect to actually get quite into a book written about social media, but I did!

This book actually goes really well with this unit, it is an overview on how to us social media to enhance your business. The book was only published this year, so it is possibly the most relevant social media/pr book to date, especially with how fast social media can change. The book is like a step-by-step manual on how to develop and create efficient and effective social media strategies. This book brings together several elements from social media, marketing and public relations.

Social Media is broken up into three parts;
Part one: The Advancement of an Industry
Part two: Formulating a Strategy: Social Media Tools used by Public Relations Practitioners
Part three: The Social Media Plan


Part one, (which the title practically explains) looks into the background and growth of social media up to now, and how it will continue to grow, it also gives information and a bit more information that relate to the latter two parts.

Part two is probably the more informative part of the book, as well as being the biggest part of the entire book. The chapters in this section focus a lot on the practicalities of putting a social media strategy to practice. This section has the most information that is relevant to what we have been studying in this unit, and has been quite helpful in the last few weeks while studying this unit.

The final part of the book is all about creating the final plan. It is all about the most effective ways for businesses to use social media to their advantage based on previous and social media strategies. It combines the information from the first part and the practical bits of the second part, and basically brings it all together to execute everything into a well formulated social media plan.

Each chapter within these three sections refers to a very specific topic, all of which relate to the developing of an effective social media strategy. The book utilises multiple case studies to show what works best and what does not work at all.

Overall I think this book is really worth a read to give any public relations/communications students an edge while they study these topics, and considering social media is practically unavoidable, it helps to teach us the way it should be used in future jobs in our fields of work.


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