Stalkers Paradise

Nowadays you can literally search for anything and everything under the sun by Googling it. You type one letter in and several options appear even if they aren’t what you were originally going to Google. Just Google it is now a phrase adapted into almost every humans vocabulary. I cannot think what I would do if Google was not a thing, like what would we actually do. I do not know.
Have an issue with your computer? Just Google it.

Want to know what kind of food a unicorn eats? Just Google it. 

Want to know why you have had a headache for so long? Maybe don’t Google that. (As a recent sufferer of serious migraines and being unaware of that being what they were, I would not recommend Googling health symptoms, according to Google, apparently I had a tumor growing, which thankfully I did not.) But you get the gist of what I’m saying, there is an answer for everything out there, be that they may not be 100% accurate, your search will return something, useful or not.

Google, being as big as it is, has branched off into many different things, Google Mail, Images, News, Google Docs, you name it. All of which I have been familiar with.
I’m not going to beat around the bush, I thought I was pretty internet savvy, but I literally had no idea what a google alert was upon starting this blog, and now I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot. Legit, where has Google Alerts been my whole life. This takes my stalking expertise to a whole other level! I’m able to get alerts for whatever my heart most desires (Jamie Campbell Bower), Blogs written, recent news etc.

Now, while my stalking of future celebrity boyfriends is completely innocent, I can’t help but wonder how much Google Alerts, and every other social media profile, could actually contribute to genuine real life stalkers out there.
Creeps whom become obsessed with people have everything they need at their finger tips; what they’ve been up to, where they were most recently spotted, whether they’re eating their breakfast, at home, alone according to their latest Instagram photo. And when it’s thought about that way, it’s really quite intimidating. Everything that we post online can be monitored and tracked, no matter the privacy setting on certain platforms, there are ways to get around them

I’ll be the first person to admit that I love a good Facebook, Instagram or Twitter stalk. I’ll start off on a persons page that I know or am friends with, and an hour later I’ll find myself on their Auntie Marys cats Instagram account.
If someone like me can start off on one persons Facebook page, and then end up on their cousins, mothers, best friends page, what can those with serious hacking and tracking skills do.

Being able to search anything you can possibly think of may be one the coolest and handiest things possible, but because you are capable of looking everything and anyone up on the internet and social media platforms, means that others are able to do the exact same thing to you. Kind of scary when you think about it like that; how many random people have stumbled upon your profiles and stalked what you’ve been doing and who you’ve been doing it with.


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